We are currently seeking Underground Drillers Offsiders.


As some of you know and some may not DrillStaff is a company based solely in recruitment in the Drilling industry. We employ Drillers and Off-siders into both surface and underground positions. If you are green (new to the industry) there are many important aspects worth knowing.

Firstly all off-siding work is physically demanding, you need to be fit and strong. (Long days, heavy lifting) This job is not for everyone.

Second you must have a valid manual driver’s license and police clearance (HR license if off-siding on the surface).

Police clearances must be no older than three months & can be filled out on-line through a number of different web sites and can generally be obtained in a time frame varying between 12 hours to 10 working days.

As an off-sider you will start at the bottom of the food chain, you are expected to work under a driller who generally gets paid on performance so will be pushing you to limits you may not have experienced before.

You will be trained on the job; however a mechanical mindset is a must.

You need to be able to get along with people as you don’t just work together you also will be eating, living and occasionally socialising together.

You will be doing rostered work. Rosters vary however, underground off-siders will generally work two weeks on and one week off. Surface off-sider may work longer swings such as 4 weeks on 2 weeks off. Usually shifts start at 6 o’clock and finish and 6 o’clock you will generally work both day-shift for half of your swing and night-shift for the other half of your swing with a shift change (24 hour break in the middle).

Like any job you need to be reliable.  You must be able to get up for work every day in a fit state and you must be able to make your way to the airport on time every time.

You must be of sober habits.

You will have more chance of getting employment if you live in the state where the work is.

A career in the drilling industry can be very financially rewarding.  While you may start on a wage that varies from $70,000.00 to $90,000.00 per year the goal is to take the next step to become a driller.  The time frame and wage to this step varies from company to company and job to job however a dedicated off-sider should be looking at possibly making this transition in a twelve to twenty four month time frame.

Although most training is done on the job, qualifications to help you secure employment are Apply first aid certificate and working at heights ticket.

We currently have a number of off-siding positions available both surface and underground to start in the next 2- 6 weeks if you feel that you meet the above criteria or would like more information regarding drilling employment please send a resume to or contact DrillStaff 08 9401 6883.

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